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Matt Gaetz Creeps Out The Internet Yet Again After Photo Of Him Hovering Behind His Wife Emerges

Matt Gaetz Creeps Out The Internet Yet Again After Photo Of Him Hovering Behind His Wife Emerges
Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz gave the internet another round of heebie-jeebies this week after a photo of him hovering behind his wife Ginger Luckey while she took a mirror selfie appeared on social media.

In the photo, seen below, Gaetz looms over Luckey like a predator, making for an image many found entirely too on-brand given the sex trafficking allegations against him.

This is only the latest deeply creepy incident relating to Gaetz and his new wife. A few weeks ago, Gaetz posted a deeply unflattering photo of Luckey without her permission, while she slept on a plane en route to their elopement last month in Southern California.

Combined with a caption that jokingly referred to the photo as evidence of his wife's good looks, the post seemed to be an attempt by Gaetz to mock his new wife, which struck many as evidence of a fundamental disrespect of women on Gaetz's part.

This newest photo of Gaetz looming over and leering at Luckey hasn't helped that perception one bit--particularly in light of the federal investigation into Gaetz's having allegedly carried on a sexual relationship with an underage high school student whom he paid for sex.

The investigation stems from his association with sex trafficker Joel Greenberg, who pled guilty to a raft of charges including sex trafficking a child, as part of a plea deal which requires his cooperation in the investigation into Gaetz.

Greenberg is said to have already provided "thousands of photos and videos" related to the case, which are widely suspected to be damning evidence of Gaetz's guilt.

Taken all together, the newest photo had Twitter seriously creeped out.

Regardless of whether the photo was innocent or nefarious, Gaetz's predatory attitude toward women is becoming increasingly clear as more allegations against him continue to appear. Recent media reports quotes sources who say Gaetz openly bragged about the "access to women" Greenberg provided him and that he participated in a sexual conquest contest with other members of the Florida legislature.

Gaetz denies all allegations against him.