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Twitter Weirded All The Way Out After Matt Gaetz Shares Photo Of His New Wife Sleeping

Twitter Weirded All The Way Out After Matt Gaetz Shares Photo Of His New Wife Sleeping
Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images

Far-right Republican Representative Matt Gaetz has once again drawn the internet's ire after posting an unflattering photo of his new wife Ginger Luckey sleeping on a plane on Twitter.

It seems that Gaetz's aim was to poke fun at his new bride, but most people on Twitter seemed to find the photo mean-spirited to the point of being a little creepy.

The tweet, seen below, shows a photo of Luckey fast asleep with her mouth hanging out, with a caption in which Gaetz sarcastically extols her beauty.

The caption read:

"So blessed to be with the beautiful @LuckeyGinger"

Given the airplane setting of the photo and the fact it was posted the day before Gaetz and Luckey's ceremony on Southern California's Catalina Island, it seems likely that Gaetz took the unflattering photograph and then used it to mock his new wife's appearance while they were en route to their wedding.

How charming. What an absolute gem of a guy.

The weird choice in tweets wasn't the only eyebrow-raising detail of Gaetz and Luckey's wedding, either--the timing struck many as suspicious, given that Gaetz and Luckey had previously announced they would not marry until next year.

Many have speculated the wedding was moved up due to the ongoing Justice Department probe into Gaetz's involvement in the sex-trafficking ring of his close friend Joel Greenberg. It is believed Gaetz carried on a lengthy relationship with an underage girl he paid for sex and who was trafficked by Greenberg.

Greenberg has pled guilty to six federal crimes as part of a plea deal predicated upon his cooperation in the FBI's related investigations, including the one into Gaetz. Greenberg has reportedly already given the FBI thousands of photos and videos related to the investigations.

As for the photo, Luckey herself seemed to take the post in jest, quote-tweeting it with a joke of her own about needing beauty sleep. But for people on Twitter, Gaetz's weirdly mean-spirited joke at his new wife's expense was just another example of Gaetz's questionable character--especially as pertains to his treatment of women.

And there was no shortage of blowback.

Gaetz has repeatedly denied the multiple allegations against him.

Luckey has publicly defended him on social media, including in response to her own sister who last month called Gaetz a "pedophile" in a viral TikTok.