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Elderly Paralyzed Man Says His Ability To Float In The Water And 'Never Drown' Is A 'Blessing From God'

India Photo Agency / SWNS

This elderly paralyzed man is "blessed" with an unusual ability - to float in the water and "never drown," locals say.

Tul Pradhan, 61, discovered his miraculous talent when his slipped off the edge of a pond and fell into the water.

Because he is paralyzed he was worried who would save him - but found he didn't sink and floated like a 'paper boat', local people claim.

India Photo Agency / SWNS

The video shows Pradhan being placed in water as he floats without sinking in Nalabonta village of the Ganjam district in Odisha, India.

Pradhan says:

"I was never born with this talent, but consider it as a blessing from God that she blessed me that day to save me from drowning into the pond."

India Photo Agency / SWNS

He adds:

"I am totally paralyzed and I still remember the day I accidentally fell into the pond."
"I was worried as nobody was around me to save and no one would have even known had I drowned."
"I thank for this to God and I can assure you I was blessed at that very moment and was gifted with this unusual ability to float in the water."

India Photo Agency / SWNS

The miraculous talent has made him a local celebrity with people flocking from different villages nearby when he comes to take a bath in the pond.