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GOP Commentators Are Telling Pro-Trumpers To 'Surround' Philadelphia—And Philly Is Letting Them Know Why That's A Bad Idea

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

Though Donald Trump held a slight lead in Pennsylvania on Wednesday, November 4, mail-in ballots from largely Democratic areas like Philadelphia were closing the gap and had many pollsters predicting that Joe Biden would eventually take the lead.

Though these votes were all perfectly legitimate and legal, far-right online conservatives and Fox News host Lou Dobbs called for Republicans to take action by "surrounding" the city.

Though tweets like these were obvious irresponsible and could potentially incite violence from unstable individuals, Philadelphia residents were more concerned for any Republicans who came to the city looking for trouble.

Philadelphia has a well-earned reputation.

Philadelphia is protected by an enigmatic and volatile force of almost infinite power.

His name is Gritty.

These Republicans who surround Philly aren't even going to see the fight coming.

If there are two things beloved by all Philadelphians, they're the Eagles and democracy.

Lou Dobbs doesn't seem to understand the city he's dealing with.

If conservative pundits like Lou Dobbs think that heading to Philly will help them, they're welcome to try. But the city of brotherly love might just have something to say about their plan once they arrive.