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LL Cool J Tells Miranda Lambert To 'Get Over It' After She Called Out Selfie-Taking Fans At Concert

The rapper and actor reminded Lambert that artists can't control 'the way people choose to interact' with their art.

LL Cool J; Miranda Lambert
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images; Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Rapper LL Cool J has offered his perspective on the recent controversy surrounding country singer Miranda Lambert and her reaction to fans taking selfies at her concert.

Speaking on the pop culture podcast Miranda in the Morning, LL Cool J advised Lambert to take a more relaxed attitude towards how her fans choose to interact and capture memories at her shows.

The controversy arose when Lambert halted her performance of "Tin Man" during a Las Vegas concert to reprimand a group of fans who were taking selfies instead of fully engaging in the music.

You can see the moment in the video below.

Some audience members were supportive of Lambert's stance.

Others felt fans should be allowed to enjoy the concert experience in their own way, as long as they aren't causing disruptions.

LL Cool J advised Lambert to let fans enjoy her concerts in their own way and explained his perspective on art and its interaction with the audience.

“Miranda, get over it, baby. They’re fans.”
“Let me tell you something about art — and I say this with love. So, your job as an artist is to create art. The way people choose to interact with that art or engage in it and appreciate it is up to them.”

The rapper went on to raise the question of where artists draw the line in controlling fan behavior at concerts.

He humorously posed scenarios like banning specific colors or imposing other restrictions, emphasizing artists should allow fans the freedom to enjoy the music in their own way:

“What, do you got rules? No yellow shirts!’ Where does it end?”
“If you want to come to my show and you want to sit there and eat a bowl of potato salad with a baseball hat down to your nose, that’s what you choose to do. You got to let the fans do what they want to do.”

Ultimately, the response to Miranda Lambert's actions has been divided, with many expressing agreement with LL Cool J's viewpoint that fans should have the autonomy to enjoy concerts in their own manner.

While some may support Lambert's stance, the conversation around this issue sheds light on the complex relationship between artists and their audiences, as well as the evolving etiquette around technology and live performances.

One of the women from the selfie-taking group expressed her disapproval of Lambert's remarks to NBC News, stating that she was "appalled" by the singer's reaction.

The fan—a social media influencer from Las Vegas—said she was taking photos for "30 seconds at most" before sitting back down, suggesting Lambert had overreacted.