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Linda Ronstadt Slams Mike Pompeo's 'Enabling' Of Trump To His Face During Dinner For Kennedy Center Honorees

The Kennedy Center recently honored 73-year-old singer Linda Ronstadt with a rainbow-ribboned medal, marking her as a "voice of her generation" alongside other performing artists like Earth, Wind, and Fire and Sesame Street.

Though the Trump family skipped the ceremony for the third year in a row, Ronstadt didn't miss the opportunity to take a swing at the White House through Mike Pompeo, who stepped in to give out medals.

While introducing Ronstadt, Pompeo, who said he was a "big fan," referenced her 1975 hit "When Will I Be Loved," saying:

"As I travel the world, I wonder when will I be loved."

When Ronstadt took the stage, she had only one thing to say before quickly sitting back down.

"I'd like to say to Mr. Pompeo, who wonders when he'll be loved, it's when he stops enabling Donald Trump."

Sam Greisman, the son of actress Sally Field, posted about what went down on Twitter.


Ronstadt, who received cheers at the event, was also lauded on Twitter for speaking up to Pompeo face to face.

Many were reminded of another Ronstadt classic...

It takes bravery to do what's right even when it isn't easy.

Ronstadt has a long history of speaking her mind even when it's uncomfortable for the status quo.

Many people would have paid good money to see the look on Pompeo's face as Ronstadt burned him.

It's time people gave it up for musical royalty.

200 people bore witnesses to Ronstadt's epic shade.

One can only hope Ronstadt gets the chance to call out Trump himself before he leaves office.

Good for you, Ms. Ronstadt!

Keep speaking truth to power!