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Boebert Reimbursed Herself For More Mileage Than Earth's Circumference—Now She's Facing A Fraud Probe

Boebert Reimbursed Herself For More Mileage Than Earth's Circumference—Now She's Facing A Fraud Probe
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert finds herself with her first term not even over yet the center of a forthcoming fraud probe.

The Attorney General of Colorado referred Boebert for an investigation into the mileage reimbursements she submitted for 2020, which are so inflated they total more than the circumference of the Earth.

Boebert claims she drove 38,712 miles in 2020—or over 126 miles every day leading up to election day—campaigning for her position in Congress.

The Earth is only 24,901 miles around.


But it doesn't stop there.

Boebert also used more than $20,000 in campaign reimbursements to pay off the tax debts she and her husband racked up on their Colorado restaurant Shooters Grill, a friendly local eatery where all the staff prominently display their open-carry handguns.

That is of course extremely illegal.

Or as the group that filed the complaint against her put it to Colorado's Attorney General and another official:

“As you are both fully aware, utilizing an illegal source of funds or ill-gotten funds to pay off a tax lien is illegal in Colorado and under federal law.
"That is the very definition of ill-gotten funds.”

Oops, again!

Campaign finance inquiries are notoriously slow processes, so the state's investigations are unlikely to reach any conclusions prior to Colorado's primaries later this month or the November general election.

But the impact of the group that compiled and referred the complaint, American Muckrakers PAC, is a different story.

American Muckrakers is the same outfit that helped sink Boebert's far-right Nazi-enthusiast colleague Madison Cawthorn's 2022 reelection bid in a matter of weeks by flooding the media space with negative content about the soon-to-be former Congressman.

And it could very well spell similar trouble for Boebert.

As David Wheeler, the President of the PAC, put it:

"Colorado deserves more than an irresponsible, loudmouth member of Congress."
"Maybe it’s time for Boebert to look for another line of work."

And on Twitter, plenty of people were all in favor of that suggestion

They loved Boebert was finally staring down potential repercussions.

Someone needs to give Boebert Republican corruption lessons, because so far she's really, really bad at it.