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Lana Del Rey Ripped By Fans For Wearing A Pointless Mesh Face Mask To Her Book Signing

Lana Del Rey Ripped By Fans For Wearing A Pointless Mesh Face Mask To Her Book Signing
Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Fashion has always been a huge part of musician Lana Del Rey's entire mystique, but this time she just may have taken things a touch too far.

During an impromptu book signing, the singer-songwriter wore a mesh mask that was deliciously fashion-forward but—it must be said—stupidly reckless when it comes to protecting against the pandemic.

And Del Rey's fans and detractors alike took to the internet to let her know what, at this point, should not need to be said—masks made of glittery mesh do absolutely nothing to protect you or anyone around you from the virus.

The surprise signing took place at a Barnes & Noble store in Los Angeles on Friday, in order to promote Del Rey's new book of poetry, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass.

Del Rey announced the signing by going live on Instagram in the mesh mask, and the comments pretty much immediately filled up with people chiding and begging her to wear an actual mask—especially since Del Rey was photographed at the event taking close-up selfies with fans.

Even worse, Del Rey was also photographed having face-to-face conversations with fans as well—all through a mask that provides absolutely no protection from whatever germs Del Rey may be harboring.

The mask flap is just the latest in a string of controversies the singer has ignited in recent months.

Most notably, in May she posted a rant on Instagram about sexist double standards in the music industry in which she seemed to suggest that Black female music artists have an advantage when it comes to sexual content in their work, claiming that artists like Beyoncé, Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj do not receive the criticism to which Del Rey is routinely subjected.

As you might guess, that post went over like a lead balloon, with many people accusing Del Rey of racism. In response, Del Rey doubled down in a follow-up post in which she dragged another non-White artist, FKA Twigs, into the fray.

And on social media, this new mesh mask controversy put many of Del Rey's fans at a breaking point.




And even the ones still hanging in there were not having this mesh mask.




As a reminder, the CDC recommends a mask that is at least two layers of fabric to adequately protect against the virus. Hopefully someone DMs Del Rey and lets her know before her next public appearance.