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Tomi Lahren Slammed For Comparing Social Distancing Measures To 'Willful Slavery' In Now-Deleted Tweet

Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Right wing conspiracy theorist and Fox Nation contributor Tomi Lahren drew new criticism after her latest outrageous Twitter post.

Lahren quickly deleted the tweet, but not before people got screenshots.

She tweeted:

"Compliance starting to look a whole lot like willful slavery. #ReopenAmerica"

After deleting the post, Lahren replaced it with:

"The same people who said it was acceptable and valiant to jump turnstiles and riot in the streets over paying a subway fare are now shaming and demonizing Americans who simply want to reopen their businesses and get back to work."
"The mental gymnastics is impressive."

The posts were seen as particularly tone deaf, even for Lahren.

People asked where Lahren's prior post went.

Not even her fellow conservatives had Lahren's back on this one.

Some cited some distinct double standards.

Why can't the social distancing protestors and Lahren just follow the rules and comply?

Isn't that their mantra when people of color protest?

A few actually chose to answer Lahren's concerns.

Many addressed Lahren's claims about mental gymnastics.

The United States hit a milestone on Tuesday, with confirmed cases of the viral pathogen behind the global pandemic exceeding one million. The death toll in the United States now sits at 60,474.

All of this is with the social distancing Lahren and heavily armed protestors rail against.

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