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Lady Gaga Has Scary Fall Off The Stage While Dancing With Fan, But Soldiers On Like A Total Pro


We've always known Lady Gaga was stan-worthy (that's love and devotion for those not up on the lingo), but this one incident will bring her to another level in your brain.

While performing in her Las Vegas show Enigma, Gaga accidentally took a spill off the stage that was pretty scary to behold.

The video of the incident is below:

Gaga hit the stage on the way down before falling off.

Ow... ow... ow....

The fan who picked Gaga up and she both thankfully seemed relatively unharmed and were able to get back up.

"Everything's ok," she reassured the audience.

"It's not your fault," she reassured the fan, offering him a seat at her piano.

Gaga noticed the fan seemed to be blaming himself for the fall so she stopped him and said:

"Hey, can you promise me something? Would you just forgive yourself right now for that happening?"

She then performed "A Million Reasons" with him sitting there.

Are you stanning harder yetβ€½β€½β€½

That was the most wonderful, professional way to start our weekend.

Lady Gaga's star turn A Star Is Born is available here.


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