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Keanu Reeves Is Maybe The Second Coming of Jesus If This Hilarious Meme Is To Be Believed

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix

The internet is having a religious experience over Keanu Reeves right now.

With John Wick 3 in theaters, the beloved 54-year-old actor is blowing up on social media.

The latest Keanu moment that's making waves borders on the religious, though.

In a viral meme dating back to June 2009, Keanu signs an autograph at a restaurant in New York City.

But never mind that!

People are more focused on an empty bottle of water that Keanu appeared to turn into wine.

Wait a second... is Keanu the second coming of Christ?


The insanely popular tweet above "revived" interest in the old paparazzi photo thanks to its hilarious caption:

"explain this one atheists"

Another reason we're loving this picture? Look at Keanu's beard—he's practically playing the part of Jesus at The Last Supp-- er, Brunch.

People on social media are loving the surprisingly spiritual meme.

But not everyone seems ready to accept Keanu as their savior.

Others are making similar Keanu-Jesus comparisons on Twitter.

While Keanu probably didn't turn that water to wine, there's no doubt he's a magical man.

We're loving the resurrection of Keanu Reeves!