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Kamala Harris Rips Trump By Comparing Him To 'Avengers' Supervillain Thanos During Fundraiser

Kamala Harris Rips Trump By Comparing Him To 'Avengers' Supervillain Thanos During Fundraiser
Octavio Jones/Getty Images; Marvel Studios; Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Since she first came to national prominence, Kamala Harris has always been known for having a way with words when it comes to addressing her opponents.

And yesterday was no different. During her remarks delivered yesterday at a fundraiser, Senator Harris had the perfect description of President Trump.

She compared him to Avengers supervillain Thanos.

The remarks came during a Zoom-based reunion of the cast of the various Avengers films, which included Chris Evens, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd and many others, and was held as a fundraiser for the Biden/Harris campaign.

Harris, skillfully, never mentioned the President's name—but there was no denying whom she was referencing in her comments:

"I often talk to my team about the Avengers, how everyone brings their own power and are appreciated for that, and all those superpowers come together to deal with Thanos."
"I just think there is such symmetry around that at this moment. He held the fate of the universe in his hand, and right now we're looking at someone who is denying science."

And just in case the comparison wasn't crystal clear, the Senator summed up the election thusly:

"Honour and decency matter. They matter whether you are saving the universe from Thanos or fighting for the soul of our nation."

Hear, hear, Senator!

Harris' husband, Douglas Emhoff, also joined the conversation, and took the comparison even further, drawing a comparison between Thanos's evil and the President's inaction on the pandemic.

"One of the last times we saw you all together Thanos tried to snap his fingers and kill half the universe, but thanks to science we solved the problem. But the threat we face now isn't entirely different...."
"He is a villain fit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, except the tweets more, and he's an active superspreader."

On Twitter, people were absolutely loving Harris's and Emhoff's epic drag of the President.

Though not everyone thought the comparison was quite so apt—some felt Trump is even worse.

Harris—who has said before she is a huge Avengers and Black Panther fan—also got a special surprise during the fundraiser.

Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. joined the call specifically to wish the Senator a happy birthday, which was also yesterday.