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GOP Rep. Mocked After His Attempt At Defending Trump Only Serves To Further Incriminate Him

Republican National Committee/Getty Images

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio took to Twitter on Thursday, February 11 to defend former President Donald Trump from accusations Trump helped incite the January 6 insurrection at the White House.

Unfortunately, Jordan's reasoning was so bizarre Twitter couldn't help but drag him for his lack of logic.

Jordan's defense of Trump revolved around the idea the events of January 6 were pre-planned.

Countless people responded to Jordan explaining he just pointed out Trump's role in the planning.

As is often the case, social media couldn't believe a sitting Congressman tweeted something so dumb.

By pointing out these points in the timeline, Jim Jordan was essentially doing the House impeachment mangers' job for them.

Trump's participation in the icnitment of a pre-planned attack is even worse.

Democrats thanked Jim Jordan for helping to make Trump look worse.

Jim Jordan's tweet continues to make it clear there's no logical, honest way to defend President Trump's actions leading up to the January 6 insurrection.