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JK Rowling Slammed After Mocking Gender-Neutral Language In U.K. Mother's Day Post

The 'Harry Potter' author used her post marking Mother's Day in the U.K. on X, formerly Twitter, to mock trans and nonbinary people.

JK Rowling
Andrew Milligan/PA Images via Getty Images

Harry Potter author JK Rowling is once again in hot water after voicing her obsession with the existence of transgender people and her hatred of inclusivity.

Much like how conservatives' "War on Christmas" has never been real and everyone has always been free to say "Merry Christmas" if they like, Rowling seems convinced that there is now a "War on Mother's Day," which the UK celebrated last weekend.

She took to social media platform X, formerly Twitter, to voice her ire about the situation by mocking the ways gender-inclusive language has supposedly erased mothers from Mother's Day, a phenomenon no one but Rowling has noticed because it hasn't happened.

Rowling's tweet read:

"❤️💐Happy Birthing Parent Day to all whose large gametes were fertilised resulting in small humans whose sex was assigned by doctors making mostly lucky guesses ❤️💐"

Imagine being so obsessed with how trans and nonbinary people live their lives that you'd spend the one day of the year set aside to honor mothers doing... whatever this is instead of being present in the moment with your children. An interesting choice!

It really is exactly like all the other conservative propaganda over the past few years: "The War on Christmas," the "death panels" of Obamacare, the "criminals at the border."

All things that have never been real (or in the case of the latter, barely have), but that the far-right has convinced people are ruining everything.

From the hitmakers who brought you those, now comes "you can't even say Happy Mother's Day anymore without offending 'the woke transgenders!'"

It's bigoted and dangerous, yes, but it's also stupid and weird. None of this is real. Imagine if people cared this much about actual problems.

Anyway, as you might guess, Rowling's hot take on how Mother's Day is no longer Mother's Day did not go over well with many online.

Rowling quickly took more time out of the holiday she is convinced has been destroyed to issue a sneering, trolling reply to the uproar.

Happy belated Mother's Day, JK, and may you one day find the sense of peace and joy in life you are so obviously lacking.