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GOP Rep. Dragged For Saying Cancel Culture Is The 'Most Dangerous Thing' Currently Happening

GOP Rep. Dragged For Saying Cancel Culture Is The 'Most Dangerous Thing' Currently Happening
Jacquelyn Martin - Pool/Getty Images

If you had to pick one, what would you say is the most dangerous thing we are currently facing here in these United States?

It's probably a dead heat between the fact a horde of conspiracy theorists is actively trying to take over the government, and the deadly virus with a death toll of approximately the population of Miami, Florida, right?

Well, if you're Republican Representative Jim Jordan, those two things pale in comparison to holding Republicans accountable for their actions.

Priorities, people.

Jordan's comments came, of course, during an appearance on Fox News.

During his segment, Jordan decried what he sees as America's greatest societal ill at the moment—so-called "cancel culture.

As he dramatically put it:

"What I don't want is people canceling everyone else, that is the most dangerous thing happening in our country today."

Jordan went on to decry former Republican President Donald Trump's second impeachment as emblematic of the great evil of "cancel culture."

He of course blamed it on Democratic President Joe Biden.

"Right now, Joe Biden says during his inauguration speech he wants to unify? Well, it's tough to unify when you're impeaching a president who's already left office. It's tough to unify when you're trying to cancel 75 million people who voted for that guy."

Let's pause for a quick fact check.

First, Biden had nothing to do with either of Trump's impeachments. Second, 74 million people voted for Donald Trump, not 75.

And third, seven million more votes were cast for Biden—81 million votes the GOP then spent months trying to overturn.

One can't help but ask who's trying to cancel who, here.

But what really had Jordan upset is the efforts to remove freshman Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a devotee of several deranged conspiracy theories who has openly supported calls for executions of Democratic politicians and whom many believe played a role in the January 6 coup attempt that resulted in five deaths.

For Jordan, efforts to keep members of the House of Representatives safe from a woman who has supported calls for their deaths on social media is squelching free speech, you see.

As Jordan shouted into the camera at Fox News' Sandra Smith:

"Once this starts, tell me where it ends, Sandra? Where does it ― who's next? Think of the cancel culture, Sandra!... This will never end. And if we don't stop it now, every single American's at risk, and that's what concerns me."

On Twitter, most people found Jordan's stance preposterous.

While Jordan has taken an angrily principled stand against impeachment and the removal of Greene, he had no problem whatsoever calling for the removal of his colleague, Republican Representative Liz Cheney, for her vote to impeach Trump.

Seems Jordan's definition of "cancel culture" is highly subjective.