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Caitlyn Jenner Goes Full Transphobe In Warning Not To 'Normalize' Trans TikToker–It Did Not Go Well

Jenner responded to Sen. Marsha Blackburn's attack on transgender TikToker Dylan Mulvaney.

Caitlyn Jenner; Dylan Mulvaney
Jon Kopaloff/WireImage/Getty Images; @dylanmulvaney/TikTok

Caitlyn Jenner let loose her own internalized transphobia after she joined Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn in attacking a transgender TikToker who had spoken out about a recent wave of GOP-sponsored anti-trans legislation around the nation.

TikToker Dylan Mulvaney—who is a transgender woman—recently sat down with Democratic President Joe Biden to discuss this trend and denounce transphobia.

Their discussion, set up by NowThis, can be seen below.

Joe Biden and TikTok Star Dylan Mulvaney Discuss Trans

The discussion drew the ire of Blackburn, who denounced "radical left-wing lunatics" who "want to make this absurdity normal" while posting an older video of Mulvaney's in which she says transgender women shouldn't have to tuck.

Jenner later retweeted her agreement with Blackburn's message—despite being transgender herself and having once been the star of her own show about her transition.

Jenner praised Blackburn for "speaking out and having a backbone" in the face of "absurdity" and stressed that the country should not "normalize any of what this person is doing."

Jenner's remarks were swiftly criticized.

Jenner has previously made headlines and become a favorite in conservative circles for her attacks against the transgender community.

Earlier this month, Jenner was mocked online after she awkwardly appeared to forget she has daughters while suggesting transgender students should be forced to change in a separate locker room.

Jenner made the remark during an appearance on Fox and Friends in response to reports several female students at a Vermont High School were banned from their locker room over their objections to a transgender student.

At the time, Jenner said that if she "had a daughter, I would want my... my daughter would be uncomfortable there," a statement that raised eyebrows because she has three daughters of her own.

Much of the Republican pushback against the transgender community has focused on transgender inclusivity in sports, a topic Jenner has also weighed in on, such as when she attacked transgender athlete and swimmer Lia Thomas, who, she claimed, has won medals “at the expense of the other female athletes.”