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These Illustrations Of Decaying Pop Culture Icons Have Us Slightly Disturbed

The best part about the Internet is finding stuff that’s both familiar and new. Artist Filip Hodas of Prague has become our latest obsession, combining pop culture icons with a sense of grandeur and decay.

Recognize this?

The Game Boy always felt so monumental to me as a little kid, so it’s nice to see it represented as an actual monument. Though in need of some repair.

A not so happy meal.

This Pac Man will haunt my dreams.

There’s a lot of detail in these images that beg a lot of questions. Like, “Would you write mean things about Hello Kitty on HK herself?”



If those Tetris blocks really did just fall to Earth.

Decay is a common theme in Hodas’s work, as is the looming feeling of disaster. But is the disaster yet to come or did it already happen long ago?

Creepy or cool?

A little bit of both.

It’s haunting, beautiful work. Hop over and give Hodas a follow.


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Source: The Daily Buzz