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This Artist's Response To Man With Cancer Is The Perfect Gift

This Artist's Response To Man With Cancer Is The Perfect Gift
(Guy Kopsambut/Facebook)

Guy Kopsombut is an artist whose heartwarming illustrations make people smile, but he didn't know how much of an impact his work had on people until he shared his work on Imgur.

Guy, who also goes by the moniker: "4amshower," made a particularly strong impression on Imgur user Jeroen, who is battling cancer. Jeroen told Bored Panda that Guy's work was "a nice post to wake up to."

Those familiar with Guy's beautiful comics featuring anthropomorphic animals with their boundless compassion will agree with Jeroen.

Here's an example of some of Guy's adorable drawings.

Guy's comics is powerful in its simplicity and conveys positive messages. He told Bored Panda about his daily ambition to make people smile through his work of heart:

I want to do something to remind people that there is still good in the world, to help them smile on a daily basis. My goal every day is to help one person, any one person in the world smile each day with my comics. If I am able to do that, then it will have been worth drawing them.

And that describes the boost Jeroen felt from Guy's drawings, despite his struggles with genetic progressive muscle disease and stage 3 lung cancer.

So when Guy received Jeroen's compliments, the Nashville artist responded by offering to send his new fan some prints of the illustrations.

Jeroen was overwhelmed with emotion after Guy's kind gesture. On Imgur, Jeroen said "I'm not really good at accepting gifts, but in this case I humbly accept! I just love your comics!"

I was a bit dazzled when I received his message, especially when in our correspondence he offered to send me 2! Honestly, it made me a bit emotional. I often love stories where people reach out to each other, and now I was part of such a story myself!


People on Twitter were moved by their exchange.

Jeroen requested this comic from Guy because "It felt like it reflected my life perfectly."

Guy even went the extra mile and created this comic especially for Jeroen. The new fan was surprised to discover the original piece was meant for him and explained on Imgur:

Then OP picked this one out for me, or rather he made this one for me!! When i saw this on the front page i instantly felt like 'huh... this one looks different than what he normally makes... it looks rather personal somehow...' turns out it was!"

The comics are truly a reflection of the benevolent artist, who said being raised Buddhist and meditating shapes his positive outlook on life and is inspired to help others.

After receiving the prints from Guy, Jeroen gave a hopeful update.

My recovery is looking good so far and the first X-ray showed no signs of any tumor anymore. So even though I still have a long road to go, things are starting to look up again!

Maybe art really is healing after all.

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