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QAnon Rep. Gets Shut Down After Claiming Private Businesses' Vaccine Mandates Are 'Segregation'

QAnon Rep. Gets Shut Down After Claiming Private Businesses' Vaccine Mandates Are 'Segregation'
Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Twitter users mocked Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene after she erroneously claimed vaccine mandates amount to "segregation."

This comes after months of GOP Representative Greene claiming they were akin to being Jewish during the Holocaust.

The latest attempt to declare victimhood started when Greene attacked Argosy, an Atlanta, Georgia-based restaurant, after it announced it would refuse to serve unvaccinated customers. The restaurant had requested, via a post on Instagram, unvaccinated people not enter the establishment citing concerns for the "health and safety" of its staff.

Greene railed at the announcement, likening it to Jim Crow-era segregation.

She asked:

"Will you be testing everyone at the door for the flu, strep throat, stomach bugs, colds, meningitis, aids, venereal diseases, Hep A, Hep C, staff infections, athletes foot, pink eye, croup, bronchitis, ringworm, scabies, or any other contagions?"

"Segregation," according to Merriam-Webster, is defined as "the separation or isolation of a race, class, or ethnic group by enforced or voluntary residence in a restricted area, by barriers to social intercourse, by separate educational facilities, or by other discriminatory means."

The term refers to specific exclusionary acts, such as those that disproportionately impacted the Black community in the United States and whose legacy the country still reckons with today.

It does not, contrary to what Greene might believe or state publicly, refer to actions taken by privately-owned businesses to respond to an ongoing public health emergency.

As expected, Greene was swiftly criticized for her misuse of the term.

Greene should know a thing or two about the free market.

She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Georgia. She was also the CEO of Taylor Commercial, a general contracting firm founded by her father.

She even worked for some time as a CrossFit coach and co-founded a CrossFit gym.

But when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic, the United States' premier "QAnon Congresswoman" is best known for trafficking conspiracy theories and misinformation.

Greene stoked controversy earlier this year after she invoked the Holocaust in reference to lockdown measures and mask-wearing.

Greene said in May:

"You know, we can look back at a time in history when people were told to wear a gold star, and they were definitely treated like second-class citizens, so much so that they were put in trains and taken to gas chambers in Nazi Germany."
"And this is exactly the type of abuse that [Speaker of the House] Nancy Pelosi is talking about."

First the Holocaust and then segregation?

It appears Greene can't make up her mind on which human rights atrocity to invoke while criticizing common-sense public health measures.