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Gay Pro-Trump Hairdresser Hit With Backlash After Filming Himself Boasting About Storming Capitol

Gay Pro-Trump Hairdresser Hit With Backlash After Filming Himself Boasting About Storming Capitol

Kristopher Dreww is an enthusiastic and vocal Trump supporter, hairdresser, business owner and online personality/podcast host who calls himself the "adorable deplorable." His social media accounts have been filled with far-right, pro-Trump posts for years.

Dreww has never been anything less than loud and proud about his fervor for Trump and is quite comfortable posting about his daily private life online.

Those two things came together in a perfect storm of self-own when Dreww posted footage of himself boasting about storming the Capitol.

The now-deleted (but not before people copied) video features Dreww relishing his moment—completely debunking the rumor that "ANTIFA" was behind the attempted coup—and encouraging others to join in the fun of chasing the police and facing off with National Guard.

It was, essentially, a video confession and recruitment post, captured in a series of increasingly disturbing tweets.

The video quickly went viral (oops!) which caught the attention of his local media and customer base. Dreww attempted to delete the video to mitigate damage, but things were already in motion by that point.

Locals were less than thrilled to discover a proud terrorist lived and worked among them. His business was slammed with poor reviews, messages, threats and people promising to turn him in to the FBI and make sure he faces consequences.

In the videos above, Dreww boasts about the violence and encourages others to join in; but he tearfully told The Orange County Register he was scared for his life because of the mean comments and reviews he's gotten as a result.

He also told the publication he was proud of what the "patriots" had done but thought "we took [the Capitol] back peacefully." He claims he was peaceful and he did not know there had been violence ("I regret not doing my research").

Dreww now claims he is horrified and believes those who were violent should face prosecution.

Dreww's videos show people chanting for Pence to hang, describe the death of Ashli Babbitt, show him talking about police running from the mob and facing off against the National Guard.

Perhaps most damningly, Dreww filmed himself excitedly establishing premeditation, planning, awareness and deep enjoyment all in one gem.

"I'm only at the hotel to get some gear on, I'm going back, baby. They brought the National Guard out for us and sh*t. We had the f*cking cops running from us; not because they are bitches but because they're smart."
"We did it. God, this is so exhilirating!"

People are not at all convinced by his revisionist claims he didn't know or his complaints he is scared.

Dreww's information was forwarded to the FBI and local authorities.