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Fox News Absurdly Slams Kamala Harris For Doing Coin Toss At Alma Mater's Football Game

Fox News Absurdly Slams Kamala Harris For Doing Coin Toss At Alma Mater's Football Game

Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris performed this past Sunday the ceremonial coin toss at a college football game featuring her alma mater, the historically Black college Howard University.

And conservatives are, for whatever reason, not having it.

Fox & Friends host Rachel Campos-Duffy excoriated the Vice President for her participation in the game, after she was done dismissively referring to Harris by a nickname that struck many as racist.

What had Campos-Duffy so hot under the collar? According to her, the five-minute ceremony detracted from Harris's work at the southern border with Mexico.

See the moment below.

Campos-Duffy began her comments by lamenting the crises at the Mexican border, in Afghanistan and in Haiti, framing them as existential dangers to the United States and asserting the Vice President's participation in the coin-flipping ceremony detracted from her time working on these problems.

While Harris has been appointed the so-called "border czar" of Democratic President Joe Biden's administration, the other two crises are not in her purview as Vice President.

After mispronouncing her first name, Campos-Duffy then referred to Harris with a description that struck many as a racist dog-whistle.

"She was at a football game, because you know, as the affirmative action Vice President who was selected because she was a woman and because she was the right color, she likes to go to these things..."

Campos-Duffy, who attended Arizona State University and rose to media prominence after appearing on The Real World in the 1990s, seemed unaware of the fact Harris was invited to the coin-flipping ceremony not because she is a Black woman but because she is a distinguished alumna of the prestigious university's class of 1986.

Campos-Duffy then lambasted Harris for spending five minutes flipping a coin instead of being at the border.

"This is the kind of stuff she likes to do. Stuff on the border, not so much."

It's worth noting here former Republican President Donald Trump, beloved by Campos-Duffy, spent at least 285entire daysof his presidency golfing, including during the border crisis as well as the pandemic.

Campos-Duffy has never commented on that time-management issue.

On Twitter, people had no time for Campos-Duffy's vitriol.

Campos-Duffy has since moved on to being outraged that President Biden took a bike ride.