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Fox News Host Tries To Rip Biden For Riding A Bike With Bonkers Comparison To Trump's Fitness

Fox News Host Tries To Rip Biden For Riding A Bike With Bonkers Comparison To Trump's Fitness
Fox News

Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy really has a bee in her bonnet about the administration of Democratic President Joe Biden.

After previously lambasting Vice President Kamala Harris for attending a football game at her alma mater, Campos-Duffy went on air Monday to excoriate the President for taking a bike ride, citing it as evidence of his supposedly inferior fitness for the presidency in comparison to former Republican President Donald Trump.

If that has left you scratching your head, you are not alone. It made little sense to the internet, either.

See her comments below.

Campos-Duffy's comments came after fellow Fox News host Harris Faulkner asked for her two cents, for whatever reason, on the bike ride President Biden was seen taking in his home state of Delaware over the weekend.

Campos-Duffy tried very hard to spin the topic into a commentary on the President's supposedly flagging physical and mental health.

"Being the leader of the free world has to be the most demanding job in the whole world and he simply does not have the mental or physical stamina to do this job."

Your reminder Campos-Duffy's evidence of Biden's poor physical fitness was Biden exercising by riding a bicycle at nearly 80 years old.


Not content to leave it there, Campos-Duffy then absurdly claimed Biden's bike ride somehow proves how much harder Trump worked when he was President than Biden does.

"I mean, just compare it to President Donald Trump, who worked these long, long hours and had impromptu hour-long pressers with the media."

The comparison Campos-Duffy asked for is nothing short of damning.

A December 2019 Washington Post report revealed at that point, when Trump still had over a year left of his term, he had spent roughly one-third of his presidency on the golf course, at a cost of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.

Campos-Duffy made no mention of this, or the evidence of Trump's failing physical fitness, for that matter.

On Twitter, people found Campos-Duffy's comments absolutely ridiculous.

In total, Trump spent at least 285 days of his presidency golfing--a tally that may be much higher, because his administration routinely refused to confirm the president's whereabouts to the press or public.