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Flight Attendant Is Instant Internet Icon After Lip-Synched Safety Announcement Goes Viral

American Airlines flight attendant Stafan Peters became a viral sensation after his hilarious lip-synched rendition of the airline's recorded safety announcement went viral on TikTok.

Flight attendant doing safety announcement

An American Airlines flight attendant has become the internet's new favorite main character after his take on the airline's in-flight safety announcements went wildly viral.

Crew member Stafan Peters decided to spice up American's bland in-flight announcements by putting his own spin on them with a hilarious lip sync.

A video of his take hit TikTok soon after, where it has delighted millions. See the moment, below.


This is how they should all do the safety briefing. Amazing cabin crew on our Chicago to Phoenix flight. #americanairlines #safetyannouncement #lipsync

Rather than simply do the usual hand motions along with the pre-recorded announcements, Peters instead did a spicy lip-sync, adding all sorts of head bobs and hilariously sarcastic facial expressions that perfectly aligned with the recorded voice.

From instructions about life vests to identifying the various emergency exits, Peters transformed the usually dead-boring safety protocol into a full-on show, and passengers aboard the Chicago-to-Phoenix flight were loving every minute of it.

Speaking to LGBTQ+ magazine The Advocate, Peters said he started putting on a show to get people to actually pay attention to the safety announcements since—let's face it—most of us blow them off.

Peters told the magazine:

“A lot of times with people who fly a lot, they tend to zone out during the safety demonstration. One of the most important parts of my job is giving safety demonstrations because, first and foremost, flight attendants are there for safety."
"So, I started doing it as a way to engage people to pay attention."

And, in this case, it worked. A man could be seen pulling out the safety card to look at it in the TikTok, a moment Peters said he found gratifying.

"The fact that in that video, a guy pulls out the safety card, I love that because that means I’m doing my job of informing you of the safety features, and in the unlikely event that something were to happen that you’ll be prepared. You’ll remember it."

His safety demonstration was memorable to far more than just the passengers—Peters has become a bona fide internet sensation.











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