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A New Theory Connecting 'The Incredibles' With 'Monsters Inc' Is Blowing The Internet's Mind

A New Theory Connecting 'The Incredibles' With 'Monsters Inc' Is Blowing The Internet's Mind

HEY! Don't read this is you aren't cool with light Incredibles 2 spoilers.

One of the most entertaining bits from the new, 13-years-in-the-making Incredibles 2 is Jack-Jack Parr's litany of unpredictable powers. From multiplication to transformation to combustrion, it seems Jack-Jack can do just about anything...though he doesn't have much control over his superhuman abilities.

Well, because of the varied nature of his powers, one fan on the internet has come up with a pretty cool possible connection between the world of The Incredibles and Monsters, Inc.

First, you need to remember that Jack-Jack's powers include laser vision...

...AND teleporting to other dimensions.

Not to mention his ability to float!

The pieces are all there, we just have to put them together! What if, at some point during his childhood, Jack-Jack teleported into another dimension...the Monsters, Inc. dimension!


And what does he do once he gets there? Use his laser vision, obviously. But not without being noticed!


It seems very possible Jack-Jack might also have had the ability to pick up a monster and shake it "like a doll," before Mr. Incredible's cookies enticed him back to Earth.


The internet took the theory and ran with it!

This could offer our latest glimpse into the unconfirmed fan theory that all Pixar movies take place in the same universe!

It's all coming together!

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