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Evangelicals Lose Their Minds After Bestselling Christian Author Says She Supports Her Lesbian Daughter

Evangelicals Lose Their Minds After Bestselling Christian Author Says She Supports Her Lesbian Daughter
Jen Hatmaker/Facebook

A bestselling Christian author with a wide following amongst Evangelicals recently came out in support of her lesbian daughter—and Evangelicals are not having it.

The popular Christian writer, Jen Hatmaker, wrote nine books, including one that made The New York Times Bestseller List. She also has a podcast called "For the Love."

During a recent special episode for Pride Month, Hatmaker made a very personal revelation. Her daughter, Sydney, is a lesbian and Hatmaker is 100% in support of her daughter.

In the episode, Hatmaker and her daughter discussed their experiences as gay and gay-affirming Christians.

Hatmaker described the episode as:

"a frank and beautiful conversation about what it's like to grow up as the daughter of a popular Christian author and speaker and in a household steeped in the church, and realize you're gay"

And as you might expect, many in the Evangelical Christian world were emphatically not on her side on this issue.

For example, Evangelical Christian publication Christian Headlines said of Hatmaker's affirmation of her daughter:

"We can champion biblical sexuality in the courts and larger culture, but we cannot predict or control secular outcomes."
"Nor can we predict when well-known Christian authors and speakers will change their minds about key biblical imperatives."

For her part, though, Hatmaker is choosing to focus on the positive.

In a Facebook post, Hatmaker gushed about the outpouring of supportive messages she received from LGTBQ people and Christians alike.

"I can't get past the hundreds of messages and notes and emails and texts y'all are sending Sydney and me after our podcast last week."
"Estranged moms asking their gay children to forgive them. Gay grandmas coming out for the first time."
"Siblings and aunts and kids of trans people reaching out with apologies and connection."
"Mamas saying they can love and affirm their young, closeted gaybies with no reservations now."
"LGBTQ people who finally believe Jesus loves them."

On Twitter, many Evangelicals expressed only anger towards Hatmaker and her daughter.

But the voices of dissent seemed to be the minority as more and more Christians begin to recognize the difference between Evangelical doctrine versus what is actually in the Bible.

There was no shortage of love for Jen and Sydney, from Christians and non-Christians alike.

Hatmaker isn't new to Evangelical condemnation for her outspoken support of LGBTQ people.

She has been speaking out since 2016 when she went public with her support of marriage equality. That announcement spurred Christian bookseller LifeWay Christian Stores to stop selling her books.