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Elon Musk Just Got Trolled Hard Using His Own Words After Asking Twitter 'What Can't We Predict?'

Maja Hitij/Getty Images

A tweet Elon Musk wrote back in March came back to haunt him when he asked his followers a simple question last Friday.

The business magnate and Tesla CEO asked:

"What can't we predict?"
In response, The Nation's reporter Ken Klippenstein responded with a visual clapback Musk did not predict.

Klippenstein shared a screenshot of a tweet in which Musk confidently made a prediction about the pandemic back in March.

Musk wrote:

"Based on current trends, probably close to zero new cases in US too by end of April."

In context, Musk was responding to a question about whether or not he believed the statistics mentioned in an article about there being no new cases of infection in China on that particular day.

He said, "yes," and followed up with his erroneous prediction about infection cases in the U.S. by April's end.

Of course, this was proven to be false when the World Health Organization declared the virus outbreak a global pandemic on March 11, 2020 and cases in the U.S. began to surge at the beginning of April.

As of this writing, there have been 205,000 deaths in the U.S. due to the virus.

People seized on the opportunity to troll the SpaceX founder and CEO for his tweet.

Musk has nearly 40 million followers on Twitter, and it seems many chose to interpret his inquiry as a challenge instead of a genuine question. He did not see that coming.