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Elliot Page Reveals He Was On 'Precipice' Of Self-Discovery Right Before 'Juno' Skyrocketed Him To Fame

The Oscar nominee opened up in his new memoir 'Pageboy' about how a freeing first night out at a gay bar ended up being his last 'for a long time' after 'Juno' came out a few months later.

Eliot Page

Elliot Page—among Hollywood's most famous transgender actors—revealed in his upcoming memoir he was nearly at the "edge of a realization" about his sexual orentation and gender identity just months before the premiere of Juno which shot him to stardom.

And, unfortunately, back into the closet.

In an excerpt from his memoir published in People magazine, Page wrote about how a night out at a gay bar just 3 months before Juno's premiere helped him cope with the feelings of dysphoria he was experiencing.

He wrote:

"[It] was the first time I had been to a gay bar and would be my last for a long time...Maybe for a second, I could allow myself pleasure..."
"Here I was on the precipice. Getting closer to my desires, my dreams, me, without the unbearable weight of the self-disgust I’d carried for so long.”

When announcing the publication of his memoir late last year, Page emphasized the importance of publishing and telling queer stories.

“The act of writing, reading, and sharing the multitude of our experiences is an important step in standing up to those who wish to silence and harm us..."
"Books have helped me, saved me even, so I hope this can help someone feel less alone, feel seen, no matter who they are or what path they are on.”

Folks were happy he decided to write the memoir.


The anticipation was palpable.

Someone said it would get them back into reading.

Some people feel the need to spew transphobic hate any time Page posts on social media.

Another commenter put into perspective.

Many others commented on how much happier he appears in photos now, including in those promoting his memoir.

Pageboy comes out June 6, 2023.