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All Hell Breaks Loose After Drone Carrying A Sex Toy Interrupts Mayoral Candidate's Campaign Event

All Hell Breaks Loose After Drone Carrying A Sex Toy Interrupts Mayoral Candidate's Campaign Event
Andrellita Trujhero/Facebook

You know how it is—you're at a public event, standing on a dais answering questions, when suddenly there's a dildo dangling in front of your face attached to a drone.

Who among us hasn't been there‽‽

Okay, that's probably never happened to any of us, but it did happen to a New Mexico mayoral candidate during a campaign event in Albuquerque last week.

While Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales was addressing a small crowd of voters, a drone carrying a sex toy suddenly entered the event.

You can see everything leading up to the moment below at about the 27:15 mark.

As tends to happen when sex toys on drones appear out of nowhere, pandemonium quickly ensued.

It's hard to know what's funnier—the incident itself or the off-handed comment from one of the attendees as the gigantic sex toy drifted into view on its loudly buzzing vehicle.

The woman mused:

"Is that a dong on a drone?"

Fair question, ma'am.

And the answer is yes, yes it was a dong on a drone.

The incident occurred during a rather contentious back-and-forth between Sheriff Gonzales and a constituent, in which the constituent repeatedly criticized Gonzales' proposals for policing in Albuquerque.

Their back-and-forth was interrupted by the dirty drone making its entrance.

Gonzales cracked:

"I guess that's one of your friends, but anyway..."

Laughter began to ripple through the crowd, but then things suddenly took a turn.

After the venue's owner successfully grabbed the dildo and pulled the drone out of the air, the drone's owner, Kaelan Ashby Dreyer, lurched into the crowd to retrieve the drone, where he was descended upon by security. Sometime during the event, Gonzales was allegedly punched.

Dreyer was removed by security, shouting as he went.

Gonzales subsequently blamed the incident on his opponent, Democratic incumbent Tim Keller, who vehemently denied the allegation in a statement to an Albuquerque newspaper.

On social media, people of course went wild for this truly ridiculous story.

Dreyer was arrested for his sexy, sexy stunt and charged with battery and resisting arrest.