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Dog Ends Up the Victim of a Panoramic Photo Fail—& We Can't Look Away 😂


Advancements in cell phone technology have made it clear to almost everyone how surprisingly difficult it is to take a good panoramic photo. Even when you're able to successfully keep your phone level while turning, countless friends and family members have become the sad victims of unfortunate cropping. Twitter user @bulletsmikey knows this better than most after he tried to take a photo of his dog in the backyard.

His dog has lost some most of its doggy-ness.

And @bulletsmikey's pup isn't the first canine victim of the panorama...

Here's what @bulletsmikey's dog, Reggie, actually looks like:

And here's how we'll remember him:

It's almost like a discount Reggie...

Twitter's best meme-smiths immediately utilized the strange picture!

But, in a way, we've all been there.

Thank goodness Reggie looks nothing like the picture he's now famous for, or the world would be a little too scary to handle.

H/T - Twitter, Twitter