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Delta Flight Turns Around After Maggots Start Raining Down On Passenger—And NOPE

A Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit had to turn around after maggots from a carry-on bag in an overhead bin fell onto a passenger below.

Delta airplane
Massimo Insabato/Archivio Massimo Insabato/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

There are a lot of indignities that come with modern air travel: long security lines, increasingly smaller seats, whatever the boarding group system is, the reduction of in-flight snacks.

Until now, at least there weren't...maggots?

Passengers on a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit reportedly had to turn around so that passengers could escape the presence of maggots, and the smell of rotting fish, from a piece of carryon luggage that had opened during the flight.

Maggots fall onto woman from overhead bin on Delta flight to

Someone who was near the poor passenger that had maggots fall on her said that when flight attendants came to investigate the horrific incident, they found rotten fish wrapped in newspaper in another passenger's luggage.

"I did see everyone's reaction to the bag being opened, which was just an immediate pinching of the nose."

Delta reimbursed passengers for the delay in getting to Detroit and missed flight connections. No word on the emotional damages for sitting in your airplane seat and having maggots fall onto your head, though.

People immediately had some thoughts about consequences.

But how on earth did this person get the suitcase past the scanner-happy airport security?

Compensation or no, people said they would need other damages and would go to court for them.

Spirit Airlines, which famously has cheaper seats and weirdly terrible flight stories, was not the culprit in this particular flying nightmare.

Others pivoted to the "animals-on-a-plane" joke.

In fact, the memes were great. You have to laugh through the shudders.

Finally, this incident made people reflect on the realities of flying these days.

The year is young, so who knows what else will make flying terrible in the next ten months.