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Delta Apologizes After Bumping First Class Passenger With Parkinson's To Accommodate A Pilot

The woman's daughter, JoJo, made several TikToks calling out the airline after her mom was bumped to economy on a family trip to Italy to celebrate her parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

TikTok screenshot of passenger's daughter; Delta plane
@clumsyophelia/TikTok; Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Delta apologized after bumping a woman with Parkinson's from her first-class seat to accommodate a pilot on the flight.

Creator @clumsyophelia (JoJo) took to TikTok a few weeks ago to call out the airline company after the incident transpired.

JoJo shared her family was taking a trip to Italy to celebrate her parents' 50th anniversary. Her parents "splurged" and bought first-class tickets to kick off what should have been a joyous time.

JoJo revealed her mother has Parkinson's disease and her father recently had heart surgery, so the upgraded seats were also necessary for their comfort.

But upon boarding the plane, her mother was told she would not be sitting in first class for the flight.

Despite JoJo's valid reasons and pleas, her mother had to give up her seat.

Aside from the obvious stress of the whole event, her mother was unable to sleep for the duration of the flight and was in pain upon their arrival to their destination.

As an added inconvenience, JoJo's luggage didn't make it on the final leg of their trip so she had no clothes or toiletries, and Delta refused to do anything about it.

You can watch the TikTok below.

WARNING: NSFW language


Youll notice I'm in a robe because I have no clothes. 😀 #travel #parkinsons #deltaairlines #delta #millennial

A few days later, however, JoJo posted an update.

She revealed both her mother and her husband - who also had to move - were issued full refunds for their tickets.


Replying to @crabigail @delta thank you for listening!

Viewers of the video were relieved to see JoJo's mother got a refund for her purchased ticket.






Many, though, thought the airline should have done even more.





Upon returning to the US after her trip, JoJo responded to those queries.

Delta gifted her parents a wedding anniversary present, carried all their bags to their connecting flight, gave the family complimentary lounge access, and ensured they glided through customs.

She also shared she did receive information regarding repayment for her lost items.


The finale of the flight saga. Yes, I accidentally posted it to my story first. #travel #delta #airtravel

A representative from Delta also told Newsweek:

"Delta teams made contact with these customers in early June and reached out to apologize, make amends, get baggage expedited to them and ensure that their return travel went smoothly."
"Delta people understand that all of our customers have important reasons for traveling, and we strive to make things right when we come up short."

JoJo seems to think they did.

And, according to the TikToker, they had an absolutely lovely trip.