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Drag Queen Stops Show And Epically Lays Into Audience Member Who Threw A Bottle Onto The Stage

@hollywstars/Instagram; @hollywstars/Twitter

You know what they say: mess with a bull, you will get the horns.

Or in the case of a drag queen, you mess with her and you may just find yourself being dragged across the entire internet.

Holly Stars, a queen starring in the murder mystery drag play Death Drop, running on London's West End, stopped the show during a performance to tell off an audience member who threw a bottle of coke onto the stage.

She shared the video on Twitter where it went viral.

"Whoever threw this bottle of coke up, get the f**k out of this theatre," said Stars, in a moment reminiscent of Patti LuPone's epic rant against a phantom photographer in the audience during one of her performances of Gypsy.

She then called security to "get this d**khead out of our theatre" as the rest of the audience chanted "out, out, out!"

Soon enough, the disrespectful audience member was escorted out and the cast resumed the show.

The creator of the show, Christopher D. Clegg, defended Stars' points of action with impunity.

"Just an FYI, if you throw a full bottle of Coke at a drag performer, you will absolutely be thrown out of the theatre, read to filth, and the police will be called."
"What absolute utter disgusting behaviour…. For no apparent reason! D**khead."

Death Drop ended its run on Sunday, July 11th at London's Garrick Theatre.

But Holly Stars will surely be around the area for more iconic performances. Just respect your drag performers and don't throw bottles at them, or you may find yourself the subject of viral internet ridicule.