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Deaf Server Describes How One Table Reacted To Her Lip Reading Their Orders In Maddening TikTok

Deaf TikToker and server @llosoncy recounted a recent experience where customers requested a different server because they felt uncomfortable with her reading their lips to take their order.

screenshots of @llosoncy TikTok video

Customers being awful to servers isn't new, but Deaf TikToker luvr lo—@llosoncy—added a new spin when she posted a recent interaction she had with some hearing customers and their reaction to her lip-reading.

The customers—after being told she needs them to look up when they speak so she can read their lips—eventually used the pen and paper she offered to request a different server.

The customer's note read:

"Can we get a different server please?"
"I'm uncomfy with being lip-read, it's weird."

You can see luvr lo's video here:


I dont get people like this often but for the record: being deaf doesnt stop me from doing my job and getting paid (; #deaf #serverlife #toxiccustomers #fyp

Immediately, people were on the server's side and disapproved of the customers' actions.





Other people commented with things they would have done in her stead or what they would do in their roles in restaurants.




Several people noticed only after watchung the video that they look down when they order.



Someone pointed out combining serving with being deaf would be very difficult.


Over 1 billion people on Earth are hard of hearing, and over 70 million are deaf.

Some of them might be your restaurant server.

Be kind.