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Couple's Detailed Note To Chef About How Exactly To Prepare Their Food Divides The Internet

Couple's Detailed Note To Chef About How Exactly To Prepare Their Food Divides The Internet
Don't F With Your Server/Facebook

Requesting your burger to be cooked a certain way, like rare or medium, isn't that out of the ordinary.

But one couple has the internet divided over a note they sent their chef giving detailed instructions on how to prepare their burger.

The note was typed and the heading said:

"How To Prepare Alan & Karen's Burgers to Go."

The note was posted on the Don't F With Your Server Facebook page.

Don't F With Your Server/Facebook

The instructions read:

"1) All Buns in one container."
"2) All meats in one container. PLEASE Burger patties as RARE as possible (Just brown each side)."
"3) All veggies in one container."
"4) All cheeses in one container."
"5) Of course fries in separate containers."
"6) Sauces or other items separate also."

Someone, possibly the chef, wrote "Okay Karen" at the bottom of the page.

There were plenty of commenters who thought this was a ridiculous request.

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Some chimed in with their own customer experiences.

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Other commenters had a different perspective.

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Though it may be annoying to the staff to prepare things differently, we have no idea what Alan and Karen's needs are or why they want it prepared this way.

Although, restaurant staff have been under a lot of stress during the pandemic.

Maybe we should be easier on them or just cook it ourselves?