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Woman Goes On Racist Anti-Mask Rant After Claiming Black Restaurant Workers Are 'Discriminating' Against Her

Woman Goes On Racist Anti-Mask Rant After Claiming Black Restaurant Workers Are 'Discriminating' Against Her

Videos taken by an anti-mask woman herself went viral. She wanted to eat at a restaurant but was asked to wear a mask.

There is no mask mandate in many places but the CDC still recommends everyone, regardless of vaccination status still wear a mask indoors.

But private businesses can require masks, just as they may require shirts, shoes or suit coats and ties.

At a Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles in Anaheim, California a White woman came in and claimed she had a medical condition and PTSD and could not wear a mask. There was a requirement set by the establisjment to wear a mask and one Black restaurant employee came to tell her it was necessary to enter with a mask.

Her boyfriend also refused to wear a mask. He was filming from the moment they walked in.

You can see footage here:

The hostess said:

"We have a right to refuse service."

But the woman came back at her saying:

"That doesn't work for disability."

The hostess very calmly asked her if she would leave and stated they would not serve them.

The woman said:

"So you wouldn't let a veteran come in here because he couldn't wear a mask?"

The hostess just said "absolutely not," since it is also the right of the business to protect their workers.

Which is correct.

According to Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent and current ABC News contributor, seeing a sign requires a mask and then ignoring that requirement could qualify for a criminal trespassing charge.

He said:

"In most states, criminal trespass is either a misdemeanor or even an infraction."
"An infraction means that you get fined at the very most."
"Misdemeanors could potentially carry up to six months in prison."

The woman said:

"Under the 1964 Equal Rights Act, I demand equal access, and I will be calling the police."
"I have PTSD."

Her boyfriend was asking the hostess not touch him when she was simply trying to keep them out of the dining area for the protection of herself, the staff and the other diners.

The hostess was not having any of it. She remained calm but it was clear this was becoming an increasingly hostile situation.

Even the woman's boyfriend could be heard saying:

"Baby, let's tone it down."

The woman continued to throw around things like, "You will be personally sued," and "There will be lawsuits."

As the hostess is ushering them out, she accidentally touches the man's phone, which they later claimed to be an "assault" in an Instagram post.

The woman also called the staff "f*cking r*tards" and claimed Dr. Fauci was a liar.

In her Instagram post, she wrote:

"Mask don't work and they're satanic and I have a God given & constitutional right to say NO to whatever I want!"

In the second video that shows the end of the interaction, the woman brought up segregation.

She said:

"As a Black person, you should be ashamed."
"Sixty years ago, you couldn't drink from the same water fountain as me."
"And now you're discriminating against me."

The hostess and other employees were now blocking the dining area entirely and began clapping and yelling to drown her out.


The Daily Dot reported a protest had been planned for September 25 and posted about on the woman's Instagram, however her social media page is no longer active.