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This Person's Order For Their Dog At A Fancy NYC Restaurant Is The Epitome Of Privilege

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First things first: yes, someone really did bring their dog into a restaurant. And yes, they really did place an order for that dog.

And honestly, this dog is eating better than us on our worst days.

The order was sent back to the kitchen as follows:

1 Beef Burger
Medium Rare
No Cheese
Side Salad

And then had a few notes attached:

Type In
This is for a dog
Type in
No salt, no oil, no seasoning, no pepper
Type in
Absolutely plain, no toppings, no garnishes
Type in
No bacon, no pickles, no onion, no bread, no lettuce
Type in
No side salad
Type in
Just the plain pattie-this is for a dog

That dog just likes its meat.

There are some fun, quirky things about this order, such as the egregious number of times "type in" is listed:

The double emphasis on "this is for a dog":

Not to mention how seriously picky this pupper is.

The only information available about this restaurant from the OP is that it is an "extremely fancy NYC restaurant."

But as there are 26,618 restaurants in NYC, and at least over a thousand of them are "fancy," we will have to keep guessing.

We hope the unidentified pupper enjoyed his or her cooked meat. Next time, wouldn't it be easier just to bring your own dog treats? Then he can have it just the way he likes it. Or better yet, put that dog to work, and he can make his own meals.

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