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One Comedian Trolled Emmy Red Carpet Photographers In The Most Hilarious Way 🙌

One Comedian Trolled Emmy Red Carpet Photographers In The Most Hilarious Way 🙌
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

For eons, fashion has been the way to slay the red carpet. But last night? The game changed.

For Hollywood up-and-comers, there are two ways to grab the attention of red carpet photographers and make a career-boosting splash: an early arrival to make sure you get photographed as much as possible, and a bold fashion choice.

And last night, comedian Emily Heller crushed this red carpet game on a whole new level.

The Emmys red carpet was the usual dresses and shoes and jewels and chatter and "Who are you wearing?" as always. But Heller stopped time and snatched flashbulbs for a moment with a sartorial choice that has already gone down in fashion infamy--one that trolled the photographers themselves. Or, well, most of the photographers.

Making her brand loyalty loud and clear, Emily Heller accessorized her outfit with a handbag emblazoned with the Getty Images logo. Suck it, WireImage!

"You know who was really excited to take pictures of this purse? @gettyimages," Heller wrote on Twitter. "You know who wasn't? Every other photographer there."

It's an impressive troll, for sure, but what's almost more impressive is that Heller was able to keep the secret of an expert-level troll long enough to not ruin her own joke. Apparently, it wasn't easy:

Her restraint is inspiring!

On Twitter, folks were loving Heller's stunt:

And couldn't help but take the joke further.

And according to at least one photo editor, the other photographers definitely to the stunt personally!

She may have even started a fashion trend, it seems!

Here's to you, Emily. Your troll game is an inspiration to us all!

H/T Mashable, HuffingtonPost