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Kelly Clarkson Fires Back After She's Accused Of 'Bashing' Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce

The singer warned of 'trash reporters' on Instagram after her recent comments about the NFL's coverage of Swift's romance with Kelce on her talk show were spun into 'clickbait.'

Kelly Clarkson; Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
Jason Mendez/Getty Images; Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson clarified her recent remarks about singer Taylor Swift's relationship with football player Travis Kelce, saying "trash reporters" had twisted her remarks, crafting the controversy themselves.

On October 19, Clarkson jokingly criticized the NFL's extensive coverage of the couple's budding romance during a conversation with Saturday Night Live star Bowen Yang, comparing it to watching reality TV when she's trying to watch sports.

She said:

“It’s not hilarious how it is literally taking over the NFL for people that like watching sports now. It’s like you’re watching Housewives while you’re watching.”
It’s like you’re watching Housewives while you’re watching. They’re just talking about gossip things and you’re like, ‘So, what about the play?’”

A couple of days later, she posted on Instagram about "clickbait trash reporters" who wrongly portrayed her as critical of the couple:

“Just a quick public service announcement everybody since this seems to be breaking news… Do not fall prey to clickbait, trash reporters twisting the facts again."
"I did not bash anyone’s romance. I am pro romance. Yay romance.”

You can see her post below.

Fans appreciated Clarkson's words.

Swift and Kelce's relationship gained further attention last month when Swift showed her support for Kelce during the Kansas City Chiefs' 41-10 victory over the Chicago Bears. Swift was seen cheering from Kelce's suite at Arrowhead Stadium, alongside Kelce's mother, Donna Kelce.

Although the two have been coy with reporters and have not actually confirmed they're dating, their relationship has captivated social media and attracted considerable news coverage, including from detractors like far-right commentator Candace Owens, who suggested Swift does not have a genuine interest in football and implied that her recent involvement in the sport is insincere.

Though they've kept mum, photographers with The Independent recently captured shots of the two kissing publicly.