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Christine Baranski Admits That She Was Indeed Glaring At Elon Musk At Met Gala In Viral Photo

Christine Baranski Admits That She Was Indeed Glaring At Elon Musk At Met Gala In Viral Photo
Arturo Holmes/Getty Images; Gotham/Getty Images

Despite the myriad reasons not to, billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk continues to have legions of fans who fawn over him, eager to join his cult of personality.

But legendary actor Christine Baranski is officially and emphatically not one of them.

A photo of Baranski seeming to glare at Musk was one of the many viral highlights of this year's Met Gala, as the expression on her face seemed to telegraph a barely restrained snarl of disgust.

Well, we need wonder no more about what we saw, because in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Baranski unequivocally confirmed that the photo showed exactly what it looks like it showed.

In case you've forgotten, see the snap below.

Whew, if looks could kill, right? Baranski told EW that show she has no memory of the moment, the feelings it seems to capture are right on. She shadily explained to the magazine:

"The funny thing is I have no memory of turning back and glaring at him, but I was actually dissing him as I was waiting in line to go to dinner."

*leans in shadily* Do tell us more, Ms. Baranski.

"I was with someone who was at my table, and I noticed Elon Musk and I went, 'Oh my God, it's Elon Musk.' I basically said [to my friend], '...why is he spending billions of dollars in space when he could be cleaning up the planet?'...
"I must have at some point turned back and looked, but I did not pose for that picture."

It's always the candid shots that best capture our true feelings!

In an understated line that would be right in character for Agnes van Rhijn, the high-class, low-patience taskmaster she plays on HBO's The Golden Age, Baranski added:

"I have a low opinion of these billionaires."

On Twitter, people absolutely loved Baranski's shady take on this problematic billionaire.

It's not just in the pages of EW that Baranski is dragging Musk, however. She's also subtly pillorying him on her CBS show The Good Fight. She told the magazine:

"I get to bash the billionaires a bit. I've added a few lines, and I actually will include Elon Musk in the final episode."

EW added that she delivered that information with a "regal, defiant cackle." Your move, Elon!