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Chicago Teens Who Attacked A Girl With Special Needs On Video And Then Cried On Facebook Live After Getting Caught Have Been Charged

  • @D4MURE/Twitter // Josh the Boss TV/YouTube
  • People are outraged at a shocking video of multiple teenage girls attacking one of their peers, who allegedly has special needs.

    Twitter user @D4MURE, a friend of the victim, shared the video across social media and it soon went viral.

    Watch the disturbing attack below.

    The video garnered millions of views and the attackers were soon identified.

    They took to Facebook Live with a tearful attempt to apologize.

    A Group Of Girls Jump A Disable Girl “Cry On Facebook Live After Being Caught" 😢😢

    Now, the teenage attackers have been charged with aggravated battery and mob action, and the video prompted Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson to speak out:

    "Actions depicted in the video are difficult to watch, to say the least, and I hope that they become a teachable moment, for not only these young individuals but actually for all of us. Hate, bullying and bigotry are cancers of our society that do nothing but break and divide us."

    Apology aside, people aren't quite ready to be so forgiving.

    After a hearing at the Cook County Juvenile Justice Center, the mother of one of the girls defended and expressed disappointment in her daughter.

    "She's a good girl when she wants to be. I'm not for her beating on anyone. I'm just so irritated with all this."

    At least one of the girls remains in a juvenile detention center for her protection.

    Instilling kindness as a virtue instead of a weakness is important. Instilling cruelty as a vice versus cool is tantamount.

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