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Cher Opens Up About Having A String Of Miscarriages Starting When She Was Just 18 In Emotional Tweets

Cher Opens Up About Having A String Of Miscarriages Starting When She Was Just 18 In Emotional Tweets

Music icon Cher has become well known for her irreverent and kooky Twitter presence. But in a thread posted this week, the singer got candid and vulnerable about an issue all too serious.

In a series of tweets, Cher detailed her experiences with having a series of miscarriages beginning when she was just 18 years old.

And given the Supreme Court's recent overturn of Roe v. Wade illegalizing abortion in many states—including healthcare procedures related to miscarriages—Cher wondered aloud what might have happened to her if her miscarriages happened today.

In her first tweet, Cher detailed the three miscarriages she had, beginning at the age of 18.

She wrote:

"When I was young I had 3 miscarriages. 1st at 18."
"I was alone in our house. [Sonny Bono, her late former husband] came home & I was sobbing, & rocking on our floor."
"when I got 2 dr I was screaming in pain. couldn’t even stop in elevator."
"dr sent me straight 2 hospital, & in2 operating rm."

In the weeks since Roe v. Wade was overturned, people have already gotten a glimpse of what might have happened to Cher.

Medical procedures used to deal with miscarriages, such as dilation and curettage, or D&C, are also categorized as abortions.

Accordingly, patients and medical professionals have already reported scores of incidents in which life-saving medical interventions for miscarriages and other complications were denied or dangerously delayed while hospital boards and legal teams evaluate whether they can perform the procedures within the confines of the abortion ban laws.

Denying medical intervention for such conditions can result in harrowing experiences for the pregnant person like profuse bleeding and excruciating pain. It can also result in death.

As desperate circumstances begin to mount, far-right Republican state governments have begun proposing legislation to ban interstate travel and subject patients to invasive surveillance in order to keep them from obtaining abortion care in other states.

Cher also commented upon these legislative pushes, lambasting Republicans' attempts with her trademark irreverence.

She wrote:

“Republicans are trying to make it illegal for a woman to leave her state to get an abortion."
"Republicans will make prisoners/chattel of American women."
"How do Republicans plan to track our sisters? Maybe they’ll inject microchips into them like they do with dogs."

On Twitter, many applauding Cher for speaking out and sharing her experience, and many shared similar experiences and concerns of their own.

Thankfully, Cher's life was able to be saved and continue fighting the good fight. She was able to go to have two children as well, Chaz Bono and Elijah Blue Allman.