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Cat Goes Absolutely Berserk In Room Completely Filled With Toilet Paper In Hilarious Viral Video

Cats absolutely love playing with toilet paper, as any cat owner can frustratedly attest to.

After having to replace their bathroom TP for what felt like the thousandth time, the cat parents behind YouTube channel CatPusic decided to give their feline what it really wanted: an entire room covered in the long strips of soft paper.

We Made a Room of Toilet Paper. The Cat Has Gone Mad!

The footage was so adorable it made others online question whether they should try the stunt for themselves:

If a cat could have one wish, this would probably be it.

The only major suggestion to improve the video: more cats please!

Watching a cat play in a toilet paper room is not only fun, it's good for the soul.

If you love your cat like you say you do, it's time to start arranging their TP room.

Don't think making a toilet paper room is worth the effort? Well, maybe remember the alternative before giving up on it:

Cats Battling Toilet Paper Rolls

Funny Cats Vs Toilet Paper Compilation 2017 - Funny Cat Videos

Every cat deserves a room full of toilet paper! Get on it, pet owners!