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Cambridge University Professor Slammed After Publishing Book Of Erotic Fiction About His Female Students

Cambridge University Professor Slammed After Publishing Book Of Erotic Fiction About His Female Students

Dr. Peter Hutchinson, a dean at Cambridge University, was accused of sexual misconduct various times from 2005 to 2015, ultimately leading to his "permanent withdrawal" from the faculty.

This turned out to be a completely warranted move—that same year, the professor secretly published a book of erotic fiction about many of his students.

In 2005, a student took Hutchinson to Norwich Crown Court for twice patting her bottom. The professor admitted to the deed but told authorities:

"I cannot understand how something which seemed so trivial was so important to her."

He was cleared of all charges.

Ten years later, in 2015, ten students came forward saying Hutchinson continued to make comments of an "inappropriate and sexist nature" during lessons. This time, Trinity Hall released him from employment and Hutchinson issued a statement expressing his "deep sorrow and regret."

Around that same time, it turns out Hutchinson published the novel First Time: Ooo-la-la! under the pseudonym Barry Able.

It tells the story of a first year student named Peter whose "series of erotic adventures" get him into trouble at Oxford. Many female characters in the book are members of a club called "The Virgins," who must sleep with someone each week to stay in the group.

It also features descriptions of real life events and individuals from Hutchinson's classes.

The book, which features many scantily clad characters and sexual fetishes, features the image of a Cambridge student's legs in stockings on the cover.

Hutchinson claims he was not present when the photo was taken.

Ellie Pyemont—who brought the charges against Hutchinson in 2005—said she saw herself in his story which gives a fictionalized version of her court case.

"It is pathetic that he wrote and self-published this misogynistic, crass and deluded story. The significant point is that the person behind this derisory book was in a position of power over young people at Trinity Hall for decades."

Though Hutchinson was now banned from interacting with any students, he was investigated in 2017 for breaching that rule and attending college events where students were present.

Cambridge issued a statement saying Hutchinson had now "withdrawn permanently from any further involvement with college affairs… he will not be present in college at any time in the future".

Hutchinson was later present at the college, having been readmitted to Trinity Hall after the college received "legal advice."

Hutchinson's name was also re-added to the college's list of Emeritus Fellows.

The internet, however, has been less forgiving of the former teacher and his institution.

The earlier statements that claimed Hutchinson had "permanently withdrawn" from college life have now been replaced with new statements.

"In line with the rights and privileges afforded to Emeritus Fellows of the College, Dr Hutchinson will continue to attend certain College events and to exercise his dining rights, but will not attend events primarily aimed at students or alumni except by agreement with the College."

It wasn't until November of 2019 that Hutchinson voluntarily decided to resign from the college "as a result of the controversy."

So don't worry—if you're a White, heteronormative, cisgender male professor, you can sexually harass students verbally and physically, publish sex stories about your students and still remain in good standing at Cambridge for decades until and unless you voluntarily leave.

Until you decide to come back. Again.

But please, tell us again how marginalized people seeking equality are asking for "special rights."