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Article Called Out For Implying Kylie Jenner Is Too Dumb To Date Timothée Chalamet

A 'British Vogue' article has come under fire after wondering if Chalamet helps Jenner 'hold her makeup brushes' amid their rumored romance.

Kylie Jenner; Timothée Chalamet
Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Karl Lagerfeld; Steve Granitz /WireImage/Getty Images

British Vogue has ignited controversy and backlash over an article that cast doubt on the authenticity of the rumored romance between Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet. The article, published on August 29, raised questions about whether the two celebrities are genuinely romantically linked, sparking discussions and criticism on social media.

The British Vogue article was titled "Are Kylie Jenner And Timothée Chalamet In Love… For Real?" and was prompted by ongoing reports of the pair's possible romantic involvement due to their frequent public appearances together in recent months.

The article has since been deleted.

The writer expressed her "humble opinion" on the rumored couple, suggesting that their romance appears "just shy of believable" while comparing Chalamet's celebrated role in the movie Lady Bird to his rumored relationship with Jenner, which she found difficult to reconcile:

“Maybe it’s just that my conception of Chalamet is still stuck in Kyle from Lady Bird’ mode, leading me to have a difficult time believing he’d be dating someone so Jenna Walton-coded instead of a girl who hews closer to the Christine ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson weird-girl mold, but I just... don’t entirely buy it."

The article continued to question the validity of the relationship by speculating on the couple's activities together, including scenarios involving Jenner's makeup brand and Chalamet's scripts while referencing Stormi, the daughter Jenner shares with rapper Travis Scott.

“Does he hold her make-up brushes while she contours? Does she help him sift through Wes Anderson scripts? Does he give Stormi French lessons? And how did they end up together, anyway?”
“It’s hard for me not to picture Kris sifting through a laminated binder full of leading men, debating which of the Hollywood Chrises would pair best with Kylie’s latest haircut."
“I guess I’m kind of glad she chose a Chalamet instead.”
"Maybe I’m wrong, of course, and maybe a foppish leading man and a humble lip-kit mogul really can find love in this crazy world. Honestly, I kind of hope so.”

Readers swiftly took to X, formerly Twitter, to criticize an article they say is sexist in its examination of Chalamet and Jenner's careers, implying that Jenner is somehow below Chalamet.

The British Vogue article was published amidst rumors that Chalamet had ended his alleged seven-month relationship with Jenner, with claims that he used the reality star for publicity for his upcoming film, Wonka.

However, sources close to the couple have since dispelled these rumors, stating that their lack of recent public appearances does not signify a breakup and that reports suggesting otherwise are false.