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British Schoolchildren Sing Surprise 'Happy Birthday' to American Comedian Alex Edelman on London Train

Moral of the story: be like these kids.

British Schoolchildren Sing Surprise 'Happy Birthday' to American Comedian Alex Edelman on London Train

American comedian Alex Edelman received a very special birthday treat from British students while on a train to a London airport.

Students on a field trip began asking casual questions of the 29-year-old Edelman—does he have siblings, what are his hobbies, and then, when his birthday falls, which happened to be that very day.

"A really wonderful thing just happened to me on a train in London," Edelman wrote. "I'm flying back to Los Angeles today from here and I was on the train to the airport and across from me was a classroom of children on a field trip with a nice teacher."

"Oh, you probably have no one to sing Happy Birthday to you, then."

Edelman "hates" traveling on his birthday, but was incredibly moved when the half-dozen students in the class began singing "happy birthday" to him, for everyone around to hear.

Edelman tweeted that he thinks the kids are heroes, and that their kindness is a direct reflection of their teacher, their parents, and the country in which they are being raised.

One student named Leigh told Edelman that "it doesn't take much to make someone smile." One of her classmates, Mohammed, however, noticed that Edelman appeared choked up, rather than ready to laugh.

Edelman celebrated his 29th birthday yesterday while flying back to Los Angeles. His career took off in 2015 after a show in Edinburgh, which ended up winning him the Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer. The stand-up comedian was born in New York, raised in Boston, and lives in Los Angeles. In addition to his stand-up comedy, Edelman as written about Millennials in such publications as The Guardian and The Atlantic.

"I didn't cry in front of the kids, obviously. I cried on the train platform after I got off," he recalled. "You know, like any newly-minted 29 year old would."

Birthday wishes came pouring into Twitter.

"Aww Happy Birthday Alex!"

"That's beautiful," one fan wrote. Kindness is contagious!

Actor Robin March chimed in too, saying Edelman's story was "a lovely thing to happen. Glad you had a great experience in London. Happy birthday to you!"

One user, though, suggested that next time, he should use the opportunity to show kids that it's okay for grown men to show emotion. But it still contained a happy birthday, and that's what really counts here.