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The #bigolefreakchallenge Is Twerking All Over Social Media And Gas Stations Everywhere

The #bigolefreakchallenge Is Twerking All Over Social Media And Gas Stations Everywhere

If you don't know Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion, hold on to your horses folks because you're about to.

Megan's known for her bouncing delivery style, confident lyrics and a heaping dose of down-south swag.

If you're into female rappers who are confident in their beauty, sexuality, intellect (she's making it big, but hasn't left college), talent (look up her freestyles, she's a beast!) and love of anime - Megan is your kind of rapper. If not... well ... too bad.

She's been hitting social media in a big way and her impact is being seen all around the country.

Things started with her single Big Ole Freak. If you haven't heard it or seen the video, take a moment and enjoy.

Caution: Do not watch if you're in a position where you'd get in trouble for sexual lyrics or imagery. There's so much cleavage you guys.

Chest cleavage, booty cleavage, side cleavage - cleavage we didn't know could exist!

The video is a magical wonderland full of Megan (and crew) totally feelin' it.

The song is a bop.

Things are awesome.

Megan Thee Stallion - Big Ole Freak [Official Video]

The video is absolutely surpassing anything else she's done and people love the song - so much so that Texas's own DJ Duffy couldn't get enough of it. She was jamming to it in her car when she got an idea.

A friend grabbed a phone to record and DJ Duffy got to twerking. She posted the video and tagged Megan in - issuing the very first big ole freak challenge to the rapper herself.

This is how gas station twerk challenges are born...

Megan, clearly not one to back down from a challenge, pulled right on up to a gas station and twerked it out.

She then issued the challenge to her fans and followers.

Megan's fans took it to the gas station (and a few other places) with a vengeance.

Even non-participants are having a blast with this.

Just remember guys, if you participate in the challenge please twerk responsibly.

Don't twerk while you're pumping gas, blocking traffic, etc.

Have fun!