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Pro-Life Pundit Called Out After Saying Older Person's Death From Virus Isn't As Tragic As Young Person's

Ben Shapiro, the conservative pundit who's so pro-life he once claimed he wouldn't kill baby Hitler if given the opportunity, is surprising nobody by devaluing the lives of elderly people.

He made the statements on his podcast.

Shapiro claimed during an interview with Dave Rubin:

"If somebody who is 81 dies of COVID-19, that is not the same thing as somebody who is 30 dying of COVID-19. If this were killing children, everyone would be in lockdown forever. That's the reality."

Shapiro seems to believe whatever works for his desires in the moment.

Pro-life conservatives will defend human life in any form...unless it interferes with the economy.

Few were surprised it took Shapiro so little time to reverse course on his previous statements.

Of course, Shapiro's comment was both heartless and factually dubious, considering the virus affects both the elderly AND younger people.

It wasn't so long ago Shapiro was enraged by the idea of a group of younger people determining an older life's worth.

Twitter was, as always, ready to roast Shapiro like their lives depended on it.

Ben Shapiro might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Let's make things easy.

If re-opening the country involves deciding whether your grandparents ought to die, it's too early to re-open the country.