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Ben Shapiro Dragged After Whining That Actor Who Isn't The Color Of Snow Is Playing 'Snow White'

The Daily Wire host complained about Latina actor Rachel Zegler's casting in the upcoming live-action remake.

Ben Shapiro; Rachel Zegler
Daily Wire, Rob Kim/Getty Images

Far-right political commentator Ben Shapiro whined about the casting of Latina actress Rachel Zegler in the live-action remake of Disney's Snow White.

Zegler is of Colombian and Polish descent.

But according to Shapiro, Disney's casting choice was a fail because Zegler's skin tone did not reflect the color of snow as implied in the fairytale character's name. Zegler's casting was met with backlash when it was announced two years ago.

The same complaint reemerged after the Daily Mail showed unofficial behind-the-scenes photos from the film's shooting location in East England's historic county of Bedfordshire.

Seeing images of Zegler in the traditional red, yellow and blue dress worn in the animated film was too much for Shapiro to bear.

So he blew off some steam on his podcast The Ben Shapiro Show.

"They're recasting everyone," he griped of Walt Disney Pictures' diverse casting choices for its live-action versions of animated films.

Said Shapiro:

“They’ve cast Snow White. Snow White is now going to be played by Rachel Zegler. OK?”
“Now, Rachel Zegler, you may know―again, her name is Snow White."
"Now, you might consider that racist, but that’s also the name of the actual fairytale.”

You can see the clip of his rant, here.

Shapiro noted the “original 1936 Snow White" film referred to the title character as having "skin as white as snow."

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released in 1937–not 1936 as he mentioned.

The conservative talking head added:

“[The word ‘white’] is literally in her name. That’s why she has her name."
“So I guess just to like, screw with people, they’re casting―Rachel Zegler’s a very talented person."
"It’s weird casting, you might say."

Twitter begged to differ.

Some users trolled him.

Shapiro's latest Hollywood grousing comes after he made homophobic comments about recent Disney movies that featured themes of inclusion and diversity.

He discouraged parents from taking their kids to see films claiming they'd be groomed and indoctrinated with a gay agenda.

He also laid into the gay themed episodes of TV series.

The failed screenwriter slammed the show for not featuring any zombies or "real threats" to the gay characters that were featured in the episode.