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Ben Shapiro Dragged After Throwing Tantrum About Upcoming Disney Film With Gay Teen Romance

The right-wing pundit ranted on Twitter about Disney's 'not-at-all-secret gay agenda' with their upcoming animated film 'Strange World'.

Ben Shapiro; still from Disney's "Strange World"
Ben Shapiro/YouTube, Walt Disney Animation Studio/YouTube

Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro will not be going to see Disney's latest animated feature, claiming the studio's ‘not-at-all-secret gay agenda' is targeting children.

On Wednesday, Walt Disney Pictures premiered Strange World—the 61st animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios—at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles.

The sci-fi adventure film follows a legendary family of explorers who set aside their differences as they travel to a planet inhabited by surreal life forms.

What had moviegoers buzzing ahead of its official US release was the film prominently featuring a gay teenage romance–a first for the studio.

However, right-wingers like Shapiro–who believe homosexuality is a sin and strongly oppose same-sex couples raising children–scoffed at Disney's pro-LGBTQ+ efforts at incorporating diverse characters that reflect reality into their films.

According to Variety, three scenes in Strange World demonstrated characters normalizing gay flirtation.

"Walt Disney screened three sequences from Strange World. In the first, Ethan flirts with heartthrob Diazo while friends from school look on, teasing in a friendly and warm-hearted way."
"Much to Ethan’s chagrin, his dad Searcher soon joins in, embarrassing his son with an overeager show of acceptance."

Shapiro also mentioned the film Lightyear in his criticism to further accuse Disney of pushing the gay agenda.

Lightyear is a Toy Storyspin-off centered on the character of Buzz Lightyear that inspired the action figure toy.

It featured a very brief same-sex kiss that was not the main focus or plotline of the film.

On Tuesday, the former editor-at-large of Breitbart News worked himself into a tizzy and tweeted:

"As Disney begins pushing ‘Strange World’ for next week’s release, here’s the reminder that their ‘not-at-all-secret gay agenda’ to target kids is ongoing."
“It’s a part of the plot of this movie, just as it was with ‘Lightyear.’ Your kids, your choice.”

His anti-LGBTQ+ stance is a tale as old as time.

Shapiro strongly objected to Obergefell v. Hodges–the 2015 Supreme Court ruling that bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional–arguing "a man and a woman do a better job of raising a child than two men or two women."

Shapiro also believes transgender people suffer from mental illness and suggested homosexuality should be listed as a mental illness in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

In February 2016, Shapiro said during an interview on The Rubin Report:

"I'm very much anti gay-marriage in the social sense."
"As a religious person, I think homosexuality is a sin, I think that lots of things are sins that people engage in, I think they should be free to engage in them."

Shapiro whined about Strange World on the conservative news website he founded, The Daily Wire.

He opened his program with:

"If you are a parent and you do not wish your kids to see a gay teen romance, don't take your kids to see 'Strange World.'"
"Your choice. Your kids. I'm just giving you the heads up."
"The idea here is that Walt Disney has to please its animation employees. This isn't about pleasing the audiences."
"Where is the broad parental demand for a gay teen romance for kids? Was that something that parents were clamoring for?"

He added:

"Oh man, I definitely need to show my seven-year-old two teenage boys mack on each other. That's definitely something that my five-year-olds need. Like, who's that crowd?"

You can see his full rant in the video clip, below.

Do Not Take Your Kids To See This Disney

Some people humored Shapiro with questions.

Others had more sarcastic responses.

In June, Shapiro griped about Disney Lightyear when it was released in theaters.

He warned parents about taking their children to see the movie for fear they might walk out and suddenly identify as queer because of this blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene:

He tweeted at the time:

"Disney works to push a 'not-at-all-secret gay agenda' and seeks to add 'queerness' to its programming, according to executive producer Latoya Raveneau."
"Parents should keep that in mind before deciding whether to take their kids to see 'Lightyear,' which hits theaters this week."
Disney is showing positive acceptance through representation and reiterating the fact LGBTQ+ people around the world always were and will continue to be a part of our world.

You can see the trailer for Strange World here.

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