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The Toy Soldiers From 'Toy Story' Inspired Some Pretty Convincing Halloween Costumes 😮

Disney/Pixar, @RudyHuxtable_/Twitter

Move over Disneyland, these green army man costumes are taking the stage away from anything we've ever seen before.

Twitter user @IcKChief posted some pictures of his friends and himself in costume, with the caption "Andy's Coming!" and it's the coolest thing we have ever seen in our lives.





Within hours, it went more viral than a Buzz Lightyear commercial.

Honestly, the level of commitment is insane.

Do they already win Halloween 2018?

This sure gave us some serious nostalgia, and makes us even more excited for Toy Story 4, which is expected to be out in 2019:

Toy Story 4 - First Look At The Story (2019)

We hope these guys make a cameo.

H/T: Twitter, YouTube